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Is there an email address where a person can contact you about possible reviewing something? My Facebook page won't let me link to other pages, and I'm not sure about just posting info on a public comments page. ;)


Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo, Link, from LOZ.  I kinda based this one more off OOT Link but, I mean, limited options and a Link is a Link is a Link.. 


Be a part of XXP

Be a part of XXP

So you’d like to be a part of or do things for XXP?  That’s awesome!  That’s super duper amazingly so damn cool and we love you for it!  Whether you’re interested in making video content, blogging, or just giving us the odd opinion we’d love to see it!

Here at XXP we do weekly topics on youtube, and would love to have people do recurring or even one off videos or articles that coincide with…

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