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Put down your Crappy Farmville and Zynga bs, and play games that HELP someone.

This is something I need to look more in to and actually play a bit more of but if you’re in to this kind of game you can play it and help charities in need rather than feed that filthy game stealing bulldog your hard earned money.  You don’t even need to pay as ad revenue also goes towards these charities.

Games supporting charities in these kinds of ways is a bit of a new concept, and is basically unheard of here in Australia.  Hopefully by sharing this around a bit more we can raise awareness of the opportunities games can offer - and if you haven’t noticed I’m always happy to take clientele away from Zynga.

Give it a look and let us know if you think it’s worth a play, or if the idea is a feasible one? 

~ muse shake